Ideologie offers a suite of research and planning services that are only possible because it has resources, experience, and connections in both East Africa and Japan. 

1. Identifying "1st Mover" Opportunities

Our teams are constantly analysing the African and Japanese business landscape for 1st Mover opportunities. 

Using our in-depth knowledge and research regarding opportunities in both markets across a broad range of industries, we provide our clients with market entry and expansion strategies that can make them 1st Movers.

Our past projects have spanned a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, financial services, communications infrastructure, energy, etc. 

2. Customised Research & Analysis

We live in an age of over-abundant information. Our expertise and connections in both Japan and Africa ensures that market research is conducted efficiently by experts who know who and where to go to for information. 

Our Africa-Japan market specialists will help you analyse the target market, industry, competition, and eligible sponsors (e.g. JICA, JETRO). Get a local perspective on what your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks will be in your new market. This is especially crucial if you are a 1st Mover

3. Testing and Planning

Sending teams abroad to conduct feasibility studies is a lengthy and costly process. It is, however, a crucial requirement if you are looking for sponsorship from governmental agencies (e.g. JICA, JETRO), credit lines from banks, or even if you are planning to expand abroad on your own. 

Ideologie's on-the-ground teams can conduct these feasibility studies on your behalf. Our consultants will then bring the results of the tests to your board room and provide expert strategic advice on business model design and business plan creation.