The business landscape of Africa today calls for a specific kind of strategy - a centrally-coordinated, relationship-based strategy. Ideologie International aims to be Japan's leading, boutique consultancy for expanding businesses and brands into or out of the African continent. 

Many industries in Africa are still a blank slate waiting to be built upon, while its entrepreneurs continue to create products with global market potential. Africa offers abundant business opportunities for "1st Movers" into or out of the continent. Ideologie International offers a lean, cost-efficient, and well-connected path into or out of Africa, especially for "1st Movers".

Market Research & Planning

Get expert local advice and analysis on how you can launch your products as a 1st Mover in a new market

Representation & Execution

Expand cost-efficiently as a 1st Mover, while maintaining a strong project management presence in new markets

Thought Leadership & Promotion

Profit from being globally recognized and sought as the pioneer and 1st Mover of you field.